Ferrol Sams III, MD

“I believe in partnering with my patients and working with them to develop individualized treatment plans that take into account their specific needs. I believe trust and honesty are key elements in the patient-physician relationship, and I work closely with my patients to keep them well.”

Michael Obenshain, MD

“The U.S. has one of the most intimidating and complex healthcare systems possible, without a consistent, proven, and quality outcome. Patients deserve an advocate who will not only help them navigate the system steering them to the best possible outcome but who will also play a role in changing the way healthcare is delivered in this country.”

Charlotte Grayson, MD

“The best part of being a physician is spending time with each patient to learn how I can help them achieve the best health possible and then seeing the great results! I partner with my patients to keep them healthy and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. I work with each of my patients to set up an individualized plan for good health, provide clear education and help them set achievable goals to maintain a healthy weight, good healthy habits, and general wellness.”

Frank Cole, MD, FACP

“I want to partner with my patients to help them stay healthy and well throughout their lives”